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An enterprise and an entrepreneur are born. My dad is a first-generation entrepreneur And always wished his children to take up an enterprise and generate employment opportunities. Since my early teenage, I always wanted to be on My own and this desire turned into a passion to start a business in my daughter's name. This passion met the purpose (to fulfil my dad's wish). I was good at the Internet from quite early on. And I had a family to support. All of these factors put together culminated in the idea of online business. And here it was - "Preity's fashion", The online store for the sale of pure silk sarees.

Almost all women enjoy draping pure silk sarees and wearing pure gold jewellery. Pure silk is something that was available only to royalty and the elite. This made me think about how I can make pure silk more affordable for more and more women. And hence Preity's fashion started with pure Mysore crepe silk sarees, Pure Kanchi silk, pure tussah silk, and other variety of pure silk sarees.


For exquisite and elegant pure Mysore crepe silk sarees available online and at an affordable price. 
Preity's fashion is a registered member of the silk mark organization of India

Based on customer feedback and request, Preity's fashion conducts exhibition sales from time to time, to allow an opportunity to its esteemed, Customers to 'touch n feel' the sarees and to convince themselves about the quality of sarees, availability of a variety of silk, collection of colours and design & most important of all - the trustworthiness of Preity's fashion in the online sales arena. 

You are invited to 'like' our Facebook page for daily updates on product range and a new collection, and for all other updates like date and venue of next exhibition sale, etc."

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